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Rosselli AX Privilege - The 3 Herons Junior Suites

Welcome to Rosselli AX Privilege - A definition of Luxury. 

Nightly from €370
per room

The 3 Herons Junior Suites

The Rosselli family crest depicts three herons. Proudly displayed on the palazzo’s façade, on top of the main door, they represent the qualities of calmness, grace and tranquillity. Inspired by the crest, the Three Herons Junior Suites make the most of the palazzo’s tall double height rooms on the Piano Nobile. Accommodating the grandeur of duplex architecture, their rich design is inspired by the city vibe, reflected in the room’s colours, deco and amenities.

The veritable kaleidoscope of rare and precious marbles render the floor whimsical, sumptuous and unusual. Let your eye travel to the bevelled mirrors and see the colour-play they replicate, while the unusual light fittings join in the chorus to make the Three Herons rooms a palatial feast for the senses.

Enjoy the complete privacy of your very own lounge area, while the internal spiral staircase leads you to your sleeping quarters at mezzanine level without the need to leave your suite.

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