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Rosselli AX Privilege - Maruzzo Comfort Rooms

Welcome to Rosselli AX Privilege - A definition of Luxury. 

Nightly from €259
per room

The Marruzzo Rooms

Named after the heir to the family fortunes, Maruzzo comfort rooms offer the contemporary classical style which evokes the younger generation of this respected family. No detail is spared to reflect the energy and spirit reminiscent of the heir’s youth, coupled with the classic sophistication of nobility.

With youth being a time for experimentation and innovation, and with the Chiaroscuro sweeping the Dutch school and finding its way into the art patronised by the Knights of St John, these rooms make a strong statement of contrasting finishes. The Maruzzo rooms are boldly aesthetic and make the most of the house’s architectural motifs. Our designers used rich textures to great effect to finish this elegant dialogue between old and new.

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