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Rosselli AX Privilege - Mezze Croce Deluxe Rooms

Welcome to Rosselli AX Privilege - A definition of Luxury. 

Mezza Croce was a half cross badge that Rosselli wore proudly as a mark of the honour bestowed on him by the Order of St John for his philanthropy. From the drapes that set the mood and the cabinetry handles in soft leather, down to the brass line framing the bed on the floor, this deluxe designer room is worthy of Rosselli’s accolade. Let yourself be greeted by the morning sun rising coyly from the east, while in the evening, a chiaroscuro ambience sets in, as light and shade play together to create contrasts, reflecting the style that swept the art world in Rosselli’s time.


Nightly from €315
per room

The Mezze Croce Deluxe
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