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Rosselli AX Privilege - Alussieta Superior Rooms

Welcome to Rosselli AX Privilege - A definition of Luxury. 

Nightly from €333
per room

Alussietta Superior Rooms

A tribute to Alusietta Massa, Don Pietro’s wife, these superior rooms have a feminine undertone and offer a peaceful escape from the bustle of the day. A woman devoted to philanthropy with a passion for herbal remedies, Alusietta was known for her elegance and impeccable taste. Her grace and refinement permeate each corner of this beautiful retreat. Arched doorways and dark floral motifs capture the essence of a passionate yet discrete mistress of the household, whose presence captivated those who crossed her path.

Discover the little sewing box on your table – a take home keepsake from your visit, inspired by the tailors of old in Merchants Street and traditionally used to keep thimbles, tape measures, thread and needles.

Spoil yourself in this luxurious space that exudes quiet calm. Sit in the lush designer chair that’s more of an embrace, put your feet up and let serenity wash over you, as you re-energize your mind, body and soul.

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